Governance + Risk

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You might have an old company constitution that is complex and unclear.  Or outdated association policies (particularly in relation to child welfare/member protection).  Or you may need an external review of your internal processes and controls.  Or you have issues with conflicts of interest at a board level.

All entities need appropriate and relevant governance frameworks and an understanding and ability to manage risk both internally and externally.  Good governance takes time, planning, the right people and processes.  


At Johnston Legal + Advisory we advise Government, political parties, companies, associations, boards and individuals on governance matters including constitutions and policies, corporate governance, restructures and director and entity liability.  We also advise on critical incidents and responses and internal disputes, including board and employee disputes and investigations.

With a background in big litigation, we have an inherent understanding of rules, regulations, procedure and risk.


We have acted for:

  • SANFL League club in constitutional review and amendment (SA, 2019)

  • SA state sporting body in relation to constitutional analysis and commercial changes (SA, 2018)

  • Government of SA in relation to reviewing and amending sporting constitution templates (SA, 2018)

  • Leading NSW disability service provider in relation to revision and effect of Whistleblower Protection Policy and other risk management matters (NSW, 2016 - 2018)

  • (Separate) SA state sporting body in relation to operation of national and state constitutions, misconduct, defamation and judicial review (SA, 2017 – 2018)

  • (Separate) SA state sporting body in relation to member protection (and policies generally), player welfare, risk management and codes of conduct (SA, 2018)

  • Liberal Party of Australia (NSW Division) – general advice (2014 - 2016):

    • Advising on constitutional implied freedom of political communication (re: election signs/council by-laws)

    • Advising on process for endorsement of Senate ticket for Federal election

    • Advising on issues concerning NSW Electoral Commission and funding

    • Advising on constitutional powers and due process